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Brisbane Glen & Three Sisters

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Brisbane Glen & Three Sisters

The town of Largs, Scotland is very rich in history and lore. It is a major place of history not just for the Scottish people, but for the Vikings also. Along with all this history, the town of Largs boasts a large number of historical points of interest. One of these places is the Brisbane Glen. Named after noted astronomer Thomas Brisbane, the Glen is one of the world’s foremost places for observing birds.

The Brisbane Glen runs more than 7 miles inland from the town of Largs on the coast. It is accessible by Brisbane Glen Road, a minor road, and offers some of the world’s densest population of birds. Great care is taken to preserve this habitat and the entire Glen, outside of Largs, is enclosed. A car park, picnic area, and both moorland and woodland trails are available to people visiting the Glen. Read the full story

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Largs Viking Festival

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Largs Viking Festival

Every year in August and September, the Scottish town of Largs hosts one of Europe’s premier festivals to celebrate the connection with the Viking clans that the island holds as one of its treasures. Full of ceremony and history, the festival is based on the original battle of Largs of 1263 between the Norwegian clans and Scotland warriors. This battle was the last Viking raid in the United Kingdom.

Sometime in the 1980s, the Viking Festival of Largs was started as a small re-enactment and celebration of the Battle of Largs. The structure known as The Pencil, a monument, marking the battle is where the finale of the festival is held. After the re-enactment of the battle, there is the burning of the longship and fireworks display as the culmination to the festival. Gaining recognition throughout the world, the festival has grown considerably and continues to thrive. Each year a dedicated committee works to organize the many events and displays that the festival holds. Read the full story

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