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Pencil Monument

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Pencil Monument

The Pencil Monument was built to commemorate the 1263 Battle of Largs. The monument, built in 1912, is for the Scottish people to remember the resolve they had in repelling attacks by the Norwegians. On this particular day in 1263, the Scottish army attacked a small force of Norwegians that were attempting to bring back some of their ships that were carrying parts of different armies that were beached during a major storm. Most historical scholars believe that the Battle of Largs is to have been one of the most important battles in Scottish history.

The Norwegians had been conducting several raids upon the Scottish isles and causing many problems the Scots. However, the armies of Alexander III were keeping tabs on this fleet in particular. A storm blew in, beaching over 160 longships of the Norwegians, which helped Alexander’s army defeat the Viking army of King Taco. There is some contention on this point with both sides laying claim to victory. It is also quite speculative as no other fables, or historical documents mention the battle at all. Read the full story

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Neolithic Tomb in Douglas Park

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Neolithic Tomb in Douglas Park

The Scottish town of Largs is located in North Ayrshire, Scotland. It is a very popular seaside resort that is very rich in both Scottish and Viking history. In the year 1263 Largs became the site of the most important battle in Scottish history; the Battle of Largs.

Also located within the town are very historic monuments that pull tourists from around the world. One of those places is the Neolithic Tomb in Douglas Park. The Neolithic area is the period of time beginning about 9500 BC and is also labeled the New Stone Age. This is when human technology began to make incredible advancements forward with farming, metal tools, and irrigation. Read the full story

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Largs Viking Festival

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Largs Viking Festival

Every year in August and September, the Scottish town of Largs hosts one of Europe’s premier festivals to celebrate the connection with the Viking clans that the island holds as one of its treasures. Full of ceremony and history, the festival is based on the original battle of Largs of 1263 between the Norwegian clans and Scotland warriors. This battle was the last Viking raid in the United Kingdom.

Sometime in the 1980s, the Viking Festival of Largs was started as a small re-enactment and celebration of the Battle of Largs. The structure known as The Pencil, a monument, marking the battle is where the finale of the festival is held. After the re-enactment of the battle, there is the burning of the longship and fireworks display as the culmination to the festival. Gaining recognition throughout the world, the festival has grown considerably and continues to thrive. Each year a dedicated committee works to organize the many events and displays that the festival holds. Read the full story

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Famous Ayrshire Clans

A total of 14 notable and famous clans call Ayrshire home, or their origins were founded there. Clan Boyd, whose origins stem back to the Battle of Largs against the Viking invasion, find base here. Sir Robert, a notable progenitor, was a commander in Robert the Bruce’s army against the English. He was rewarded with lands that later evolved to include many castles in the area of Kilmarok, Girvan, the areas of Portencross, and other parts of the county.

Then there are the Boyles, whose primary residence was the Kelburn Castle. They were descendants of Anglo Norman soldiers and knights who migrated in after the Norman conquest of England. The Bruces originated in Normandy, and were host to some of the most notable kings of Scotland. Robert The Bruce, the most famous one, was Annandales 7th lord and led the army against the English after the death of William Wallace. This line died out in 1371 with the death of his son David, who was 11. A clan who backed Robert the Bruce in his conquests, the Campbells, were gaining much wealth and notoriety, much land in Argyle, and the marriage to one of Bruce’s sisters. Read the full story

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