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Kelburn Castle

Kelburn Castle

Quite possibly the single oldest castle in the country of Scotland, Kelburn Castle has been inhabited by the same family since 1140. Originally the name of the family was De Boyville, but over the years changed to just simply Boyle. It is thought that the family came to Britain with William the Conqueror, sometime in 1066. The current family settled in Kelburn around 1140. Kelburn Castle is located in North Aryshire, Scotland and is the seat of the Earl of Glasgow.

There is little information available about the construction of the original keep, but it is assumed that it was built for defensive purposes rather than comfort, based on the similarity to the construction of other facilities of that time which was around 1200 AD. Sometime around 1581, David Boyle enclosed the original keep with a much larger and grander castle complex. This marked the emergence of the family’s start to power in the local community. Read the full story

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Pencil Monument

Pencil Monument

The Pencil Monument was built to commemorate the 1263 Battle of Largs. The monument, built in 1912, is for the Scottish people to remember the resolve they had in repelling attacks by the Norwegians. On this particular day in 1263, the Scottish army attacked a small force of Norwegians that were attempting to bring back some of their ships that were carrying parts of different armies that were beached during a major storm. Most historical scholars believe that the Battle of Largs is to have been one of the most important battles in Scottish history.

The Norwegians had been conducting several raids upon the Scottish isles and causing many problems the Scots. However, the armies of Alexander III were keeping tabs on this fleet in particular. A storm blew in, beaching over 160 longships of the Norwegians, which helped Alexander’s army defeat the Viking army of King Taco. There is some contention on this point with both sides laying claim to victory. It is also quite speculative as no other fables, or historical documents mention the battle at all. Read the full story

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Ayrshire, Scotland

Ayrshire, Scotland

Ayrshire exists as the 7th largest county, population-wise, of all the Scottish counties. It is also one of the most fertile and agriculturally sound regions in the region, specifically in Scotland. The Irish would be proud of the Scots production of potatoes on the coast side in Ayrshire. Using seaweed, they make from a unique fertilizer that helps the production tremendously. It’s a region that sems to be a paradise for many who make their living off of the land.

At one time this region was a highly industrialized area and included many steel manufacturing areas, coal plants, and a few notable product line items. Worldwide, the Johnnie Walker whisky label is recognized as one of the best products of its type produced and is made at a distillery in Ayrshire. Even technology and computer companies have a connection to the area, by way of Compaq buying out a native company known as Digital Equipment. Despite the highly manufacturing oriented atmosphere in the past and currently, the jobless rate in the area extends slightly above and beyond the national average. Read the full story

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