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History of Largs Scotland

Evolving from a combination of multiple estates, lorded over by in the Montgomeries in the Sixteenth Century, Largs has an interesting history unique to its location. The first Sir Robert Montgomerie originally built Skelmorie Aisle in the old Kirk of Largs as a family mausoleum. It is the only remaining vestibule of the old kirk in modern times.

Starting off merely as a small village as a support structure essentially around its kirk, Largs became quite a busy and popular sea side town and port a couple hundred years later. The 19th century brought a construction boon to the village, as many big hotels were erected, which increased the town’s popularity. 1895 saw the railway come in to service in the area, making the town even more popular. In that day, it was fashionable to live in Largs, so many mansions were also built and famous people came to reside in the area.

The roots of Largs do stem further back though, as it was the site of the Battle of Largs in 1263. Parts of a Scottish army attacked some Norwegians trying to salvage some boats that had carried king Magnus of Mann, and King Haakon of Norway. Scots under Alexander the III had followed them for quite sometime, trying to catch their raiding parties. Victory is uncertain historically, as both sides claim to have won the ancient battle. The only independent source chronicling the war had failed to mention that specific battle.

World war II held some importance for the area as well, as one of its Hotels, the Hollywood, was converted into a command post. Many high ranking officers took part, and it became known as “The Field Of Cloth And Gold”. King Haakon VII of Norway, then in exile because Germany had occupied his country, visited Largs and became the towns first honorary citizen. Currently having a bit over 11,000 residents, this small town has seen its share of important historical duty. Not only do the famous and commoner alike call it home, but it is also a great vacation spot. Steeped in history, Largs is ready to prepared to reveal it splendor to you.

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