Ayrshire, Scotland

Ayrshire exists as the 7th largest county, population-wise, of all the Scottish counties. It is also one of the most fertile and agriculturally sound regions in the region, specifically in Scotland. The Irish would be proud of the Scots production of potatoes on the coast side in Ayrshire. Using seaweed, they make from a unique fertilizer that helps the production tremendously. It’s a region that sems to be a paradise for many who make their living off of the land.

At one time this region was a highly industrialized area and included many steel manufacturing areas, coal plants, and a few notable product line items. Worldwide, the Johnnie Walker whisky label is recognized as one of the best products of its type produced and is made at a distillery in Ayrshire. Even technology and computer companies have a connection to the area, by way of Compaq buying out a native company known as Digital Equipment. Despite the highly manufacturing oriented atmosphere in the past and currently, the jobless rate in the area extends slightly above and beyond the national average.

While it has a sound foundation in economics and agriculture, it also has an intricate connection to some interesting points in history. Many notable people have called the area home, were birthed or lived in the area at some time in their life. Rumor has it that Robert the Bruce himself hailed from Ayrshire, possibly born at Turnberry Castle. Although definitive confirmation does not exist, rumor is enough to instill some pride in the local communities. Further enhancing the mystique and legendary representation of this particular region, is that Malcolm Wallace, father of the legendary William Wallace, hails from Riccarton. Two of the greatest heroes known in the history of Scotland have their roots in this county.

Ayrshire has about just about everything that one could want. There is seaside dwellings, fishing, and abundant agriculture. Many historical sites steeped in Scottish mythology and history dot the area. Places dedicated to the history not only of Scotland but Ayrshire itself frequent the landscape. Museums, town festivals, and beautiful landscapes are commonplace. A uniquely situated county on one of the most fantastic islands in the ocean, it’s a place you may find to be your destination of choice.

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