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Note to tourists- Please don’t feed/tip the gulls!

s1Seagulls (birds of the family Laridae) are notorious all throughout the world for mobbing people, snatching food (in one instance, they have even been known to have snatched a housecat) and generally making intolerable pests of themselves, but in Largs the local gulls seem to have developed more… expensive tastes.

Local councillor Alex Gallagher and Ken Welch of the Largs Initiative group witnessed, much to their astonishment, a seagull coming down on Main Street with a £20 note.

Mr Welch said: “I was just standing in the Main Street and a seagull came down with a £20 note in its beak. I was standing talking to Councillor Gallagher, and my wife Charlotte took it to the police station. It just dropped it on to the road. I think it was looking for a change. You don’t expect them to be dropping notes around.”

As with most coastal town, Largs is plagued by seagulls, and visitors throwing them food tend make matters worse since that encourages the birds to take the initiative and go after food even when it’s not so generously offered. Largs Community Council chairman Ian Murdoch has called on a bye-law to prohibit members of the public from feeding the gulls, while other local authorities are considering a cull by introducing birds of prey, given the extent of the problem. This is, however, the first reported instance where a seagull has actually made off with cash.

The money was safely recovered and deposited at the local police station, as the gull simply dropped it onto the street before flying off. Maybe they don’t take less than fifty as tip on policy…?

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One Response to “Note to tourists- Please don’t feed/tip the gulls!”

  1. LHH says:

    I definitely agree – the gulls are quite aggressive at times and I’ve had reports of people having their crisps grabbed and being flown at. scary stuff! Don’t do it people!


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